Manouvers to fly


The Nordic championship is to be held with four preliminary flights (P-23). The five best competitors after preliminary rounds shall advance to finals. The three best preliminary flights for each competitor are normalized and counts as the first of three final flights. The finalists shall then fly two additional flights where the F-23 schedule is used. The best two of these three round scores counts to decide individual placing.

Sporting Code F3_aerobatics

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In the Sporting Code, please find P-23 maneuver list at page 19 and P-23 maneuver description at page 24.

In the Sporting Code, please find F-23 maneuver list at page 20 and F-23 maneuver description at page 27.

Nordic N-23

Each country can participate with up to four pilots. The classification is done by counting the three best of four flights.

Open this PDF file for N-23 maneuver description.

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